Learn Sanskrit, Meditation & Yoga philosophy. Be guided in integrating them into your life.

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Build your knowledge and confidence with Sanskrit training. 
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Learn a Luminous Soul understanding and Integrate wisdom into your life.
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Sanskrit Alphabet Pronunciation

Learn the Sanskrit Alphabet through the modern, accessible approach of the Sanskrit Studies Method. Expand your yoga practice by learning Sanskrit. Feel confident pronouncing Sanskrit words correctly.

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Dig Into Tradition.
An Intro to the Atmabodha
Chant, Learn, Grow.

Be introduced to the ancient and meaningful text on Self-Knowledge called the Atmabodha. Grow your practice by connecting with this text. 

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Bi-Monthly Satsangs

These bi-monthly Luminous Soul satsang sessions support you in your yoga practice and life. Chant, or just listen, practice meditation, ask a question or listen to others'. Learn the way of the yogi. 


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